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The Challenges

Our client, a well-established locksmith business, faced a significant challenge in expanding their reach and generating leads. While they had a solid reputation in their local area, their online presence was limited to specific keywords and cities, which lacked sufficient search volume to generate substantial leads. Furthermore, their Google Maps account didn’t have any rankings beyond a 2-mile radius of their location. It became evident that a tailored SEO strategy was needed to overcome these obstacles and tap into untapped markets.

Implementing the Solutions

Start your local SEO improvement with thorough research, using tools like ahrefs. Find cities with high search demand but low competition for your service-related keywords (like “locksmith service {city name}“, “Locksmith {city name}“, “Automotive Locksmith {city name}“, “{city name} residential locksmith“, and others”) and build specific pages for each over a few months (we did this for 20 cities).

Now it’s time to generate backlinks through guest posting and boost your website’s authority by creating a few (we created 3 every month) service-specific pages. Also, create several local citations (we made over 70) consistently showing your business’s name, address, and phone number on the internet.

Boost your SEO efforts by posting on social media at least twice a week and share blog articles from your website. Regular content sharing on platforms like Google Maps also helps prove your business’s authenticity to search engines.

Don’t forget to optimize your existing web pages and invest time in blog content. Discover topics of interest to your audience with low competition and build a content plan, aiming for 5-7 articles per month on subjects like industry news, how-to guides, and product reviews. In our case, this strategy significantly increased traffic to our client’s website.

The Results

Our consistent and dedicated SEO efforts yielded remarkable results for our client. Within 2 months, the newly optimized city pages began ranking on Google search results, and our strategies led to increased visibility on Google Maps for these cities, significantly expanding the client’s reach.

After 5 months, the business achieved rankings on the First and second page of search results, resulting in a steady stream of leads.

With one year of collaboration, our client now ranks prominently on the top pages for 7 major cities around Los Angeles, California. Encouraged by these achievements, we are currently targeting an additional 10 cities for the coming year.

The business is thriving, generating on average over 390 calls a month from the Google Maps account and website combined, along with more than 100 lead-form applications from the website every month

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monthly average calls
new cities on 1st page

Call Generated From Google Maps & Website / Month

Call Generated From Google Maps and Website


By implementing tailored strategies and leveraging targeted keywords, we enabled them to break free from geographic limitations and tap into new markets. We are confident that our expertise and dedication will help your business realize similar success, expanding your online visibility and driving a significant influx of high-quality leads.

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Local SEO For Your Service Business

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