Facebook Leads Generation For An HVAC Business In Tampa, FL

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    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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    Facebook Leads Generation

The Challenges

Our client, a well-established HVAC business in Tampa, Florida, had a strong local reputation but struggled to expand their online presence and generate leads via Facebook.

They had a Facebook page with a small follower base and minimal engagement.

The few leads they did generate from Facebook ads were costly and lacked the expected quality.

The client was in need of a more effective and cost-efficient solution to leverage Facebook for lead generation.

Our Solutions

At Digital Recipe, we designed a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy tailored for HVAC businesses. Our team created engaging ad content and implemented a lead-generation system using Facebook Messenger.

By integrating this system, potential customers could easily inquire about the client’s services directly through Facebook Messenger, simplifying the process and increasing engagement.

To optimize the campaign, we utilized detailed audience targeting based on location, interests, and behavior, ensuring the ads reached the right people at the right time.

We also initiated a remarketing campaign to re-engage with users who had previously interacted with the client’s Facebook page or website.

The Results

With our Facebook marketing strategy in place, the results were impressive.

The cost per lead significantly dropped to a range of $30-$35, and the quality of leads improved.

The client’s Facebook page saw a substantial increase in follower count and engagement.

Through Facebook Messenger, the client received an average of 150+ high-quality leads per month, a dramatic improvement compared to their initial state.

Encouraged by the results, the client is now considering expanding their digital marketing efforts to other advertizing platforms.

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At Digital Recipe, we specialize in creating effective social media marketing strategies tailored to service businesses.

By implementing our comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy, we can help your HVAC business generate high-quality leads at a lower cost, expand your online presence, and ultimately grow your business.

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