Advanced Verification & Google Guarantee

Advanced Verification For Locksmith & Garage Door Businesses

Google, being the world’s most used search engine, provides excellent advertising opportunities for service businesses of all shapes and sizes. For locksmiths & garage door repair services in the USA and locksmiths in Canada, it has become crucial to be verified by Google to maintain their online advertising presence.

Google has introduced the ‘Advanced Verification’ process for certain business categories to enhance the trust and safety of its users. This move aims to weed out fraudulent service providers and create a safe, reliable online space for consumers.

What is Google's Advanced Verification?

Google’s Advanced Verification is a stringent vetting process that businesses must pass to run local service ads on Google. As of now, locksmith and garage door repair businesses in the USA and locksmith businesses in Canada must undergo this process to advertise their services on Google.

In simple terms, without passing the Advanced Verification process, these businesses will not be able to leverage Google’s local service ads platform to reach prospective customers. It’s not merely a recommendation – it is a mandatory requirement.

Differences Between Industries and Countries

While Google’s Advanced Verification applies to locksmiths and garage door repair services in the USA, only locksmith businesses are required to go through this process in Canada. This distinction is important for businesses operating in these industries and geographic locations.

Country Industry Google's Advanced Verification
United States Locksmiths Required
Garage Door Repair Services Required
Canada Locksmiths Required
Garage Door Repair Services Not Required

Not sure that you are eligible?

Download the full list of requirement documents and information needed in each step of the application.

How To Apply For Advanced Verification

Step-by-step Process

Applying for Google’s Advanced Verification is a comprehensive process that requires businesses to provide detailed information and visual proof of their operation. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Initiate the Process: Sign in to your Google My Business account and visit the Advanced Verification page. Click ‘Get Started.’

  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form with detailed and accurate business information. This includes your business name, location, service area, operating hours, and more.

  3. Submit Additional Documentation: You may be asked to provide additional documentation, such as business licenses, proof of insurance, and other certifications. Ensure these documents are up-to-date and valid.

  4. Background Check: Google may conduct a background check on your business. This could involve a review of your business activities, customer reviews, and public records.

  5. Provide Visual Verification: Instead of a video call interview, Google now requests a list of images. These images should include pictures of your business location, the vehicles you use for your services, and the tools or equipment necessary for your job. The goal is to visually verify the authenticity and legitimacy of your business operations.

  6. Wait for Google’s Decision: Once you’ve completed all the steps, Google will review your application. This process could take a few weeks. You will be notified of Google’s decision via email.

Remember, even if your business has been previously verified by Google, you’ll still need to go through the Advanced Verification process to advertise as a locksmith or garage door repair service in the USA, or as a locksmith in Canada.

For more information about Advanced Verification, you can visit the Google My Business Help page.

Things to Remember

Accuracy and honesty are vital when applying for Google’s Advanced Verification. Any inconsistencies or misinformation could lead to your application being denied, or even result in your business being removed from Google entirely.

Google’s Advanced Verification process is a step towards creating a safe and reliable space for customers seeking services online. By adhering to Google’s guidelines and maintaining a transparent business practice, your business can achieve a credible online presence, boosting your reputation and customer trust

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What to Do If Your Advanced Verification Application Gets Rejected

Experiencing rejection from Google’s Advanced Verification can be frustrating, but it’s important not to panic or lose hope.

There are actionable steps you can take to rectify the situation:

  1. Understand the Reason: The rejection notice usually comes with an explanation. Understand the reasons for your application’s denial. Common issues could be discrepancies in the submitted information, insufficient documentation, or unsatisfactory visual evidence.

  2. Review Your Application: Cross-check all the information you provided in your application. Ensure the details are accurate and match with your business records.

  3. Gather Additional Evidence: If your application was rejected due to insufficient documentation or lackluster visual proof, gather more evidence that demonstrates the legitimacy of your business.

  4. Reapply: Once you have addressed the reasons for rejection, you can reapply for Google’s Advanced Verification. Ensure that your application is accurate, comprehensive, and meets all Google’s requirements.

If your application continues to be rejected, consider reaching out to Google’s support for further guidance. Remember, persistence and transparency are key in successfully navigating Google’s Advanced Verification process. Stay the course, and improve your chances of unlocking the full potential of Google’s local service ads for your business.

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Google Guarantee For Local Service Businesses

When people search for local services on Google, the first listings they see are ads for businesses with the Google Guarantee. These companies pay to show up at the top of search results. The Google Guarantee badge catches customers’ attention, especially those who simply call the first provider on the list. By becoming a Google Guaranteed business, companies can increase their leads because they will show up prominently in searches. The badge signals to customers that Google has vetted and backed the business.

Where Exactly Customers Will See You When You Become Google Guaranteed?

When your business becomes Google Guaranteed, it is prominently featured in Google’s Local Services Ads. These ads are positioned at the very top of Google search results, a prime location that captures 85% of all clicks. This means your business is the first thing potential customers see when searching for the services you offer. From our experience, businesses with Google Guarantee see a 20% increase in customer engagement due to this enhanced visibility.

Google Guarantee Requirements

  • Business registration information
  • Advanced Verification (see advanced verification above)
  • License
  • Insurance
  • Social Security for background check

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